Paddling Tours

Our tours are kept small so we maximize our enjoyment and minimize our impact on the environment. Prices include the use of our boats, paddles, and personal flotation devices. (You may use your own equipment if you prefer.) Our guides are naturalists as well as American Canoe Association certified instructors who are there to share their knowledge of the river and help you with your paddling, if needed.

2019 Monthly Nature Tours

Full Moon

Full Moon Canoeing


MAY 18, 7:00 - 10:00PM
JUNE 16, 7:30-10:30PM
JULY 14, 7:30 - 10:30PM
AUG 16, 7:00 - 10:00PM
SEPT 13, 6:00 - 9:00PM

Set out by canoe at dusk and as darkness approaches, watch the moon rise, being on the lookout for owls, beaver, bats, and other night life. After some delicious refreshments, we'll return following the moon's ribbon of light.

Trip difficulty: Easy, flat-water, 5 miles roundtrip.
Cost: $40pp-canoes only. Refreshments included.

Morning Wildlife

Spring Birds & Flowers Paddling Tour

JUNE 1, 8 - 11AM

Kayak/canoe this beautiful section of the Nashua River and observe eagles, orioles, swans, red winged blackbirds, as well as other spring birds. Irises and other spring flowers are blooming this time of year. Bring your binoculars and camera!.

Trip difficulty: Easy, flat-water, 4 miles roundtrip
Cost: $35pp-canoe, $55pp-kayak.

Evening Paddle on Squannacook

Paddling with Beavers

JUNE 29, 6-9PM

Evening is the best time to spot beavers! As we paddle through their natural habitat, we will get an up-close look at a beaver lodge and may even be surprised by the loud noise of a beaver slapping its tail on the water to scare us away.

Trip difficulty: Easy, flat-water, 4 miles roundtrip
Cost: $35pp-canoe, $55pp-kayak (Bring a picnic to enjoy when we take a riverside dinner break.)

Paddling with Turtles

Family Paddling with Turtles

JULY 28, 10AM-1PM

Enjoy a special guided trip up the river and into a pond area filled with painted turtles and a couple of elusive snappers. We'll spend some time exploring and learning about these creatures and then stop for lunch before heading back.

Trip difficulty: Easy, flat water, 3 miles roundtrip.
Cost: $65 per canoe- canoes only. (Bring a box lunch.)

Fall Foliage

River Paddling Adventure Tour

AUG 31, 10AM-3PM

Enjoy the adventure of paddling a narrow, meandering section of the Squannacook River ending just below a small set of rapids. We'll stop to explore, have some lunch, and take a quick dip in the river before heading back.

Trip difficulty: Easy/moderate, flat water with some maneuvering required, 4 miles roundtrip.
Cost: $45pp-canoe, $65pp-kayak (Bring a box lunch.)

Fall Foliage

Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge Paddle

SEPT 28, 10AM-2PM

This national wildlife refuge was set aside to conserve and protect native wildlife habitats and species. A downstream paddle will give us the chance to explore the river and learn about this refuge, taking a lunch break along the way.

Trip difficulty: Easy, flat water, 5 miles downstream.
Cost: $45pp-canoe, $65pp-kayak (Bring a box lunch.)

Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage Paddle


OCT 6, 1PM-4PM
OCT 12, 11AM-2PM

Reflections of autumn foliage enhance the special beauty of this river. We will paddle along its narrow, meandering channel into areas of lily ponds and woodlands and stop for a scenic picnic along the way.

Trip difficulty: Easy, flat-water, 3 miles roundtrip.
Cost: $35pp-canoe, $55pp-kayak. (Bring a box lunch.)

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Guided Parties

Options for any age! Guided parties include 2 hours of paddling and activities with a break for cupcakes. Choose from our theme party options and one of our fun-loving guides will lead your group on a memorable birthday adventure!

Cost: $22/person-canoe (3 people per boat), $52/person-solo kayaks
Minimum of 8 people, maximum 24 people (including adults)

Locally baked birthday cupcakes are included!

Pick from one of our paddling party themes!

  • River Scavenger Hunt
  • Nature Arts and Crafts
  • Paddling Games
  • Relaxing Scenic Paddle

Self Guided Parties

If you prefer to go out on the water without a guide, your party can rent boats and enjoy a beautiful day out on the river! Check out some of our group rental options to get some ideas! (10% discount on rentals with 6 boats or more)


Custom Guided Tours

Families, friends, companies, clubs, groups, youth groups! If you have at least 5 boats, we'll arrange a special guided tour for you on the Nashua or Squannacook Rivers. Choose from one of the nature tours listed above or we'll customize something for your group. Call us for details!

We have some interesting group rental options if you prefer to head out on your own.